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Distance learning is new and overwhelming to everyone - parents, teachers, and most importantly our children! Now is when we need a community more than ever. The Distance Learning Together (DLT) Community is a place to find support and resources as we build a community to embark together on this new way of education.

Children cannot go on much longer without human contact. DLT Community brings contact-less connection to your home. We offer screened and COVID tested Academic Guides to come to your home and safely guide your child through their online academic program. The typical options for virtual school are Public School, Private School, or Homeschool. All of these options still require parent supervision, especially for children in early grades.

By hiring a DLT Community Academic Guide (AG), your child will receive a PERSONAL education. While following your child’s teacher’s lessons, our skilled AG's can take their learning further by keeping your child in pace with the content provided. Teachers are working so hard to deliver thoughtful, challenging and engaging curriculum, all while keeping children focused and eager to learn. This is proving to be a big struggle, especially for children in their younger years. With this in mind, another important factor to consider, due to COVID-19, is your child’s social isolation. This can have a profound effect on your child’s social, emotional development. 

By creating what is termed a, “pod” , we can assist in providing a social group setting that will help alleviate social isolation through peer-to peer interaction. This will make it a more enjoyable, and a productive setting for your child and reduce stress and anxiety for parents. As children start school, parents are quickly realizing that some children need more supervision and help than others. As a working parent, it is becoming a huge struggle to juggle work while supervising your children through their virtual class. If you’re not working, that also doesn’t mean you are supposed to understand how to handle this. It’s ok to ask for help. It’s ok to not know how to be a teacher at home. No one was trained or prepared for this. We are here to help! 

DLT Community is not just about helping parents. Providing your child with an Academic Guide is providing them a learning environment that will make Distance Learning feel less lonely, take concepts even further, and give them the attention that every child deserves.

The DLT Community also offers after-school extracurricular activities such as performing arts, sports, and art brought to you! 

Your first step is filling out the Family Assessment Form. Once received, we will contact you to conduct a phone consultation. This is where we will get to know your family and find the right guide, and program to meet your needs. 
If you’re a working parent and looking for support, we’re here...

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Join the DLT Community- We’re all in this together.

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